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Chinese Herbal Medicine | Acupuncture | Remedial Massage

Ideally combined with Cupping, Massage Therapy or Herbal Medicine
Acupuncture therapy is a safe and comfortable experience, used for the treatment of a range of illnesses and dysfunctions, such as musculoskeletal injuries and systemic conditions affecting the organs, muscles or blood/lymph circulation. It is applicable for both acute (recent) and chronic conditions. 

Acupuncture is additionally used for health maintenance, which is essential in our fast-paced society that demands our optimal functioning.  It address non-specific signs and symptoms such as tiredness, poor quality sleep or feeling hungry all the time.

This treatment is based on the Chinese Medicine theory of energetic channels found within our body that connect to our internal organs. By inserting fine, sterilised needles into specific points located along these channels, acupuncture stimulates nerve impulses and energy flow which:

  • Activates natural pain relievers found in the body
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Regulates hormone levels and release of neurotransmitters
  • Stimulates parasympathetic system to reduce stress